Full-Week Exams

27 Mar

This week will be the buziest week ever, coz i’ll gonna have most of difficult exams (thermodynamics materials, organic chemistry and numerical analysis). Beside exams, i have a numerical analysis task about gaussian seidal method for Monday, then i’ll finish my tension test report on Thursday morning. And i’ll have a hardness test on Friday. While i wanna move to my new house this week..

Then, lets start to arrange the schedule.

Saturday : I have numerical methods class at 8pm in 9402. Then, i should pack my books and other belongings to box. Attending ‘Tatsqif’ at 1pm and move in the afternoon until night. So, i can study thermodynamics material or organic chemistry in my last time that day.

Sunday : I should go to Gasibu, but if my clean-up project is not finish yet, i’ll do my project first. Then, study thermodynamics material and do half of my tension test report and numerical analysis task.

Monday : I have about 3 hour to study more about thermodynamics until numerical analysis class at 10am. Then, the thermodynamics exam will be at 11am-1pm. Go to Islamic ethic and religion class, and have exam too there. I’ll finish at 3pm. Then, I wanna study organic chemistry for tomorrow exam.

Tuesday : I’ll have material characterization class at 8am, electronic and magnetic materials at 10pm. Then Organic chemistry exam at 1pm-3pm. Then, thermodynamics class at 3pm.

Wednesday : No exam this day. But i should finish my tension test report and prepare for numerical analysis exam. No organic chemistry practicum. A little bit relax..

Thursday : Tension test report must be given to the assistant at 8am. And i’ll have a debate about pesticide in enviromental aspect in materials processing class. Then, Numerical analysis exam at 1pm-3pm. For tomorrow hardness test, i should take the tutorial at 7pm-9pm. And study all night about hardness test and do the beginning task.

Friday : Wake up early, then print the cover (or maybe i can ask Jijah to print it for me so i do not need to wake up so early) at 6.30am. I’ll have the hardness test at 7.30am and late is unforgiveable. The practicum will finish at 11am.  Then.. i’ll go home and watch Ouran and laugh!

Hope that i can finish the exams well.


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