Toward Peacefull World through Community Development

4 Dec

Nowadays, world peace is a hot issue; many media make something with this background, like music, film, and others. While lots of people persuade others about the importance of world peace, the other side talks about how they can establish this peace with their own way.

World peace theoretically possible, while some people believe that it is impossible, Utopian. A peaceful world is a world that all of the citizens can fulfill their needs and wants with their own effort. So, the keyword is ‘to fulfill their needs and wants’. Extremely, this social inequality happens because one side can fulfill their needs even more than he needs and other side can fulfill none of their needs. This inequality can catalyze conflicts which happen because the inadequate side feels not fair, and the adequate side feels suitable for that over condition.

In Thermodynamics we study ‘Chemistry Equilibrium Law’, a system will gain equilibrium state if the energies prevalent distributed, inflows equal outflows. Then  we applicate this law in social life, our system will gain its equilibrium if the adequate side share their surplus to the inadequate side, so both of them are in same position, equal. But, because the variable is free –independent – many determinants could affect it, such as the conditions of system or environment. Whereas, this system and environment’s conditions can be undefined, because human character cannot be predicted easily. Then, it will be so difficult to gain this equilibrium state in our system because the conditions are undefined.

Simply, let see in actual life. In a region, there are rich people and poor people. The quantity of the rich people is four, and the poor is six. If every rich people share their meals to all poor, so the poor can eat too, same meals that the rich eat, and finally that region will gain the equilibrium state. This equilibrium state makes people can fulfill their needs.

This equilibrium state can be reached by many ways and community development is one of the ways.

What is Community Development?

Community development is a development process where the society initiates to begin social activities to fix their own situation and condition, such as economic, social, cultural or environmental situation (Christenson and Robinson). The society uses their own potential to solve their problems; so if the developer left, that society can stand on their own feet.

Three objectives of development (Todaro) :

  1. Increase in levels of living everyone
  2. Making conditions that enable the growth of self-esteem
  3. Increase in freedom from servitude

Community development is a sustainable process that can reach the objectives.

What is the relation between community development and world peace?

In Calculus we study Integral Theory, the numerical measure of the area bounded above by the graph of a given function, below by the x-axis, and on the sides by ordinates drawn at the endpoints of a specified interval; the limit, as the norm of partitions of the given interval approaches zero, of the sum of the products of the function evaluated at a point in each subinterval times the length of the subinterval (  Integral method used when we want to search the wide of a graph, we part it into small, calculate the wide of the small part, then sum up all the small part.

Community development can be applicated like that. Maybe community development that I am doing now only have small impact, but my other friends that doing community development in different place will make this small piece puzzle accumulated and integrated. With North Pole as top limit and South Pole as down limit, a unity, integration, a better World can be reached. Then, if through community development every society can fulfill their needs and wants with their own strength, so the frictions between societies will be reduced, and a small step toward world peace is done.

More than 4 billion people live at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) on less than $2 per day. Not much foundations or institutions that really focus on helping the society on this aspect. Precisely, what is happening is throwing that responsible each other, private sector says ‘waifs and stray are maintain by government, so they are not in our responsibility’ and government says ‘we should eradicating poverty together’.

This 4 billion people is community development objects. Community development can touch this class of people, because so many inequalities here. More than half people in this world are touched by community development. And if all 4 billion people really touched and community development in each society can run fluently, so a peaceful world could be established.

How a community can fulfill their own needs and wants?

The keywords are: active participation from society, prevalent access and information, and continuity. Community development use that society’s potential, in other words use an innovative approach. If the community doesn’t have the knowledge or potential to solve happened problems, what can we do is transfer knowledge from outside, so that community has the knowledge and ability to solve their problems. Then, involve the community actively to discuss the solution of their problems using potential, knowledge, and ability that they have. This innovative approach will create opportunities for the community by offering them some options and leading to self-esteem, that they can solve their own problems with their own ability, then the effects are minimize in financial burden and achieve a prevalent prosperity distribution.

Community Development Strategies

In my department at my organization, Community Service department, we usually set up some steps to do the community development.

  1. 1. Make a community

The formed community’s functions are to commissioning the development and as a container to discussing between them

  1. 2. Transfer Knowledge

Simply said is giving the needed knowledge. After doing problem and potential mapping, we will know what knowledge the community needs to solve the problem.

  1. 3. Transfer Information

Information is different with knowledge, generally knowledge is skill and science, while information only can be knowledge if we get it fully then processes it with skill and science that we have. So, transfer information is giving access about innovation and new perspective.

  1. 4. Assistance

Why do we need assistance? Because we can’t leave the society before they can stand on alone. We keep controlling them together with the formed community; try to transfer the knowledge and information many times.

Community development is the outcome from these four steps if we ran it whole and continue.

In my department there are five programs community development, Gelap Nyawang Revitalization Desa Mitra, Forum Kakak Asuh, Rumah Belajar, and Ganesha Rescue. Gelap Nyawang is a culinary region in front of our campus, many students eat there because its cheapness. But, the problem is the sanitation there is bad, so many students got diarrhea after go there. We try to realize them about the importance of cleanliness, and gave some workshops to them such as about sanitary, entrepreneurship, and cooking creativity. Desa Mitra is a development program in a village, Kidang Pananjung, Cililin, West Java. We try to solve problems using natural resources there. Forum Kakak Asuh is a forum to discuss everything about education and teach the elementary students some skills. Rumah Belajar is a place to study what school doesn’t teach. And Ganesha Rescue is a program for search and rescue distress in a disaster place.

Earthquake in West Java : An Example

The four steps, I will explain it through an example. Earthquake that happened recently in West Java bring on many locations experience a lot of loss, one of the locations is Pangalengan, West Java. When I and my friends from Ganesha Rescue went there, we found several problems, such as difficulty in education access because the elementary school was collapse, people around suffered URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) because the dust from collapse buildings, and sensitive of disease because the access of cleaning tool is difficult.

First Problem: the collapse school. We as developer don’t have much money to build a new school, so we will give smart car or smart house. Smart car/house is car/house that has many school books and other facilities to study. Then the teachers will get training about using those facilities. After we are gone, teachers there can use the smart car/house to teach students. But, do the teachers still want to teach? Because, usually incentives for public servant are difficult to pay, moreover the earthquake blocked the way. For that, the teachers will get knowledge about advocating.  Teachers association is formed, and then there are teachers who do the advocate, to force government paying their salary. Before they get salary, this association can do some entrepreneur activities together with farmers work group. Children get education, teachers get their rights, and the Farmers Work Group get helped.

Second Problem: URTI disease. I will arrange an education about preventing and healing URTI disease which work together with medicine or mask company. The people educated and know how to prevent and heal that disease, and they get the facilities too. Then the medicine and mask company gain their benefits because the people use their products.

Third Problem: difficult in getting toilet soap. Not to different in URTI problem, educate the people about the importance of self and environment cleanliness work together with Soap Company. Then several people could be a soap distributor in that region. People get benefits from selling soap, even soap market can be monopolized because there is no competitor, and the soap company gets benefits too.

If so, the society’s dependence with the developer can be vanished and they get their self-esteem from solving problems with their own ability.

Then in order to this tiny puzzle piece united and integrated, we should unite the community developments that doing by anybody no matter where in an alliance. Many organizations do this community development, why don’t we unite, so the small tiny puzzle can be a big picture. The objective is making everybody life better by prevalent prosperity distribution. With this alliance, our potentials increase and the community development region will wider, more people can fulfill their needs and wants, and finally the entire world will touched, and a peaceful world can be established.


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  1. rosi May 13, 2010 at 3:37 am #

    hmmm harus belajar banyak dari Sari ttg PM ^___^

  2. Mustika Suci Jungjunan December 29, 2010 at 6:05 am #

    sari, berkunjung ke blog uci yaa. masi sepi sih, baru bikin soalnya hehe

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