White Christmas : A Review

30 Jan

Oh yeah, i love dramas. And because I’m unemployed now I have much time to watch and even make a review. I do not prefer any genre, what’s come to my liking are story (plot), acting (actors & actresses), cinematography, and soundtrack.

And this is my first drama review : White Christmas, a Korean drama. Let me warn, this drama is a mystery-thriller.


You tainted me, made me pitiful.

You made me a monster in the corner.

You silenced me.

You ridiculed my false hope.

You took the only thing I had and put it around your neck.

I held out my hand and you let go.

You deleted me from your eyes.

Finally, you overtook me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

After 8 days, walks up the path by the zelkova tree.

Under the clock tower you will see someone dead.

The night that Jesus was born, I curse you.

There is Susin High where the whole clever student in this country come in together. They only have 1 holiday -8 days-Christmas-New Year-holiday in a year. This year there are 7 students who don’t come home : Park Mu Yeol, Choi Chi Hoon, Jo Yeong Jae, Yoon Su, Yang Kang Mo, Lee Jae Kyu, and Yoon Eun Sung- because they got a murder-warning letter. They accompanied by a PE teacher. On the first night, a-man-in-car-accident-and-need-help come and join them (later they know that man is a psychologist named Kim Yo Han). He give a name and number (Oh Jung Hye, this is important! and has to do with the plot) when being asked a person that can be contacted.

The next morning, they start to find out who sent that letter and decided not to tell the teacher. Unknowingly, there is someone else who is still at school. Park Mu Yeol start investigating by asking the psychologist about the letter, he wants to know the state of the writer. Then he and Lee Jae Kyu questioning Yoon Su, and they know the words ‘monster in the corner’ linked to Yoon Su. Yoon Su tells them about monster in the corner (Yoon Su knew this story from his mom) who have a half blue face and always sitting in the corner. He can see it.

From this information Mu Yeol and Jae Kyu searching a student who have a blue birthmark, and then Jae Kyu know that Mu Yeol lost his mother when he was small. They don’t find someone with a birthmark though. Desperate, they ask Choi Chi Hoon who is the smartest in school. Jae Kyu laugh when Chi Hoon said no student like that, because Chi Hoon even don’t know his classmate’s face. ‘You deleted me from your eyes’ linked to Chi Hoon then.

Suddenly, Mu Yeol remember something and look for an old school newspaper from his closet. Coming to Yoon Eun Seung (which is his ex) and confirming something. Back then when Eun Sung was stalked, she gave Mu Yeol the letter sent by the stalker. And Mu Yeol published it to school newspaper to stop the stalker. They know ‘you ridiculed my false hope’ is linked to Eun Sung and ‘you took the only thing I had and put it around your neck’ to Mu Yeol. They gather then to link which sin connect to who, but there are 8 sins and 7 recipients. Dead end. They try to find red thread between themselves, why only 7 students? why them? No conclusion. They fight among themselves.

Lunch together, students-the psychologist-teacher. The discusses about a murderer they hear from radio, what was the motive. What can make someone into a monster? Is it because he was born that way or the circumstances and family that raised him into monster?

And again! That unknown someone (he has red hair. so far.) is watching them from CCTV. (I love how the rock being this scene’s background music)

Afternoon. Eun Sung visit the infirmary and have a chat with the psychologist. Meanwhile Yoon Su make a commotion because he saw the monster in the corner in his room, Mu Yeol and Jae Kyu come. Yoon Su tells them that he saw the monster in their last year vacation, the monster usually a child, but it was a teen boy back then, and the monster like Eun Sung. Mu Yeol anxious about Eun Sung, go to find her immediately. Jae Kyu and Kang Mo follow him.  But Eun Sung neither in her dorm or the infirmary, she is laying under the clock tower with bloody wrist, unconscious. Suicide.

And finally we can see the unknown someone’s face in the end of this episode! He has red hair and eyes & eyebrows like T.O.P. Well, that’s the first episode. (still long way to go, eh)

Second day, Eun Sung is being treated, she survive. The teacher ask Mu Yeol about Eun Sung suicide attempt and why she changed herself from sociable and happy to no-determination-in-life. We know then she changed herself before she broke up with Mu Yeol.

Mu Yeol asks Kang Mo then, to look for a student with blue make-up or hat or mask or something in last year vacation. And Kang Mo finds out that Young Jae brought blue balloon with blue paint inside it in last year vacation. In the other room, Jae Kyung also watching last year vacation’s video while the teacher come in and tells story about Yoon Su being passed out and he brought Yoon Su home in last year vacation. In the other room, again, Young Jae being cautious in his own room, and finally the unknown-red-haired-student make a public appearance. He beats up Young Jae until Mu Yeol and Jae Kyung come, because he makes a loud voice in beating Young Jae. They stop Kang Mi Reu (that red-haired student) and asked him why he is in school and why he beat Young Jae up. Later after they discuss, it is a misunderstanding between Mi Reu, Young Jae, and Yoon Su.

The next day, Mu Yeol, Jae Kyu, and Kang Mo ask Yeon Jae, whom did he throw the blue ball to. He doesn’t remember. He become the ‘you tainted me, you made me pitiful’. But why Yoon Su mistook it for a monster in the corner? Because he was in drug. He was hallucinating. Oh yeah, I forgot, Eun Sung awoke this morning. At night, Mu Yeol tells the teacher about the letter and in fact the teacher also got the same letter! Then Mu Yeol know that Mi Reu hacked the security system camera when he come to Mi Reu’s room. Mi Reu can watch any activity that recorded in any CCTV.

Because the misunderstanding was cleared, Mi Reu plan to go home. That night he walks past  teacher’s room and see the teacher is holding to students’ information book and is staring at a certain student’s information. With curiosity, Mi Reu sneaks in and see that book, but unfortunately the teacher sees him and lock him up in detention room. Poor Mi Reu. Then, the teacher deletes all CCTV records that imply him throwing up Mi Reu.

Why the teacher deletes the records? Whose information did he look up to in the students’ book?

Why Eun Sung suddenly slit her wrist?

Whom did Yeong Jae throw the blue ball to?

Will someone really die?

*Oh, I’m tired to write up all the story so I just finish it up here. Still 6 episodes to go.

Comments :

I like how there is an unknown student left, and he became the savior. Yeah! Mad Mi Reu rocks! Troublemaker become saviour. And I love his red hair.

The plots, yeah, awesome. Something that we think its unrelated will turn up the story. Such as the Oh Jung Hye, Mu Yeol contacted earlier, later will come and helps the psychologist.  And I don’t think that the psychologist will be the serial killer! He don’t want to kill, just put on an experiment in them to prove his hypothesis. A total psycho! Chi Hoon come back to life (I was rolling on the floor, like his perfect character). Yeah. So many things that’ll make you surprise.

The casts are good. They have model body (six-pack and tall) and good acting. Usually I don’t expect much from an eye candy drama, but this one is great. Good character development.

The casts :

  • Kim Sang Kyung as Kim Yo Han
  • Baek Sung Hyun as Park Moo Yul
  • Kim Young Kwang as Jo Young Jae
  • Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoon Su
  • Kwak Jung Wook as Yang Kang Mo
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Lee Jae Kyu
  • Esom as Yoon Eun Sung
  • Kim Hyun Joong (he uses stage name Kim Woo Bin now, disambiguation with the other Kim Hyun Joong)  as Kang Mi Reu
  • Sung Joon as Choi Chi Hoon
  • Jung Suk Won as Yoon Jong Il
  • Lee El as Oh Jung Hye

I’ve never watch any drama of them before except Sung Joon, I watched Lie to Me, and as soon as he appeared I adore him, his smile. And in this White Christmas his perfect-student-but-emotionless character just fit him well, or he plays it well. From Baek Sung Hyun I expect a bit more evil emotion when he lock the rooftop door and push the psychologist down, an evil eyes especially. But his poker face is awesome. Kim Young Kwang plays a weak-but-pretend-strong-and-used-to-be-hated character well, but sometimes he looks coward. His face looks like Rain here. Lee Soo Hyuk plays an ignore-the-world character, I like him sitting in the high place, just like an angel, truly Angel Yoon Su. And his trance and frightened look is good. Kwak Jung Wook as a talk-a-lot-to-cover-his-frailty character, I moved when he cried knowing Chi Hoon wasn’t dead. Sudden change of inferior-but-need-some-recognition Jae Kyu well played by Hong Jong Hyun. Difference in happy Eun Sung and gloomy Eun Sung defined well by Esom. I like her. And finally our Mi Rae, Kim Woo Bin is great with that red hair, suit him well. Ups, I forgot our serial killer. Kim Sang Kyun really has a two face here. He show sincerity and evil side of him.


2 Responses to “White Christmas : A Review”

  1. arsitekperadaban February 2, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    sari kenapa?
    eh, jangan bilang kalo itu share the world-nya TVXQ?

    • sariyusriati February 2, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

      kenapa? kenapa apanya? saya baik2 saja. hehe.. biasanya orang akan bertanya apa kabar jika sudah lama tak berjumpa.
      kenapa ketebak sih kalo itu share the world nya tvxq? karena one piece kah? #masih ga terima kalo ketauan.

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